Internet Marketing Highs And Lows

internet marketing highs and lowsHello my friend.

It’s been a while I haven’t posted here…

But that’s only because I have been incredibly busy lately but I decided to put a stop to that and created a very cool video for you to watch today.

I also want to be brief because the video is a bit lenghty but I can rest assure you it’s good, not just good enough, like REAL GOOD.

So go ahead, hit that play button and let it rip! Continue Reading →

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Authority Blog Profits: Behind The Scenes

authority blog profitsNot long ago I spoke to a very good marketing friend of mine who happens to know what clicks when you are about to release an information product.

He has worked with Frank Kern before and he dropped a lot of wisdom bombs on me that day.

To make a long story short, I told him I was working on a WordPress training (Authority Blog Profits) and that it was almost complete but still lacked a few technical things here and there.

He got a bit pissed (in a good way) and told me something like this:

“Dude, if it’s not ready yet, you need to start building a LOT of buzz already. It doesn’t matter if you release it next week or next month but start spreading the news!”

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Video Branding 101

video branding 101Hey guys and girls!

Since apparently no other marketers work on Sunday I thought about recording a video today just for you.

It’s on branding with video and you definitely need to watch the video down below because it has a ton of value.

If you have never done a video before, just take a look at this, I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

Video Branding 101

In case you aren’t familiar with me or my videos, I struggled a lot before even thinking about putting myself in front of a camera.

If you want to see that then go to my channel at Continue Reading →

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How To Avoid Post-It Notes Hell?

Post-it Notes HellPlease call me old school.

I absolutely love using post it notes as to-do reminders and a regular pen and tablet to write ideas down.

Even though I have programs that do all of these faster…

I still like to have things written down and not depend entirely on technology to keep myself organized.

The Problem

Doing it like this comes with some trouble though and it normally happens when you start letting go and not doing the work.

It’s very easy to start hoarding post-it notes everywhere, get anxious about them and still not do the job.

By the way, this is strongly related to a blog post ( I wrote yesterday on my minimalist blog at

Anyway, here’s how I kind of solved this… Continue Reading →

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How Long To Start Making Money Online?

how long to start making money onlineIt’s been a while that I haven’t written anything here so here’s to breaking that gap!

I have been doing some online and offline consulting lately and I have been getting new clients as well.

Some of them are completely new to the marketing scene while some others are more like long term newbies and I’m starting to get this question a LOT:

How long will it take to start making money online?

And the answer is, there is no easy answer to this. Continue Reading →

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John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success

John Thornhill's Partnership to SuccessJohn Thornhill is launching a coaching program in the next days and you definitely want to check it out.

First let me tell you I’ve bought more than 10 different products from John and I have always made my investment back, not because of affiliate marketing but because of the awesome teachings of John.

It’s not that I just love what John creates, it’s because he actually does what he preaches and he does get amazing results!

The trainings I’ve bought from him, include topics on:

  • Driving Traffic
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s)
  • Product Creation
  • Affiliate Websites
  • Social Media

John is literally a product creation beast! (in a good way of course) Continue Reading →

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Two Week Honeymoon In The USA

Sergio Felix HoneymoonOh man, it’s good to be back!

We got back in the earlier days of December 2013 from our two week honeymoon in the USA and I couldn’t be any more happier about finally getting back to work.

I wanted to tell you every single thing about the trip but it would be more than 5K words long (actually it would be a LOT more) so I’m going to tell you the highlights instead.

Hope that sounds cool with you!

The Wedding

The wedding went fantastic although on the “big day” I was nervous as hell. I couldn’t sleep the day before so you can see my tired eyes in every picture but I was really happy.  Continue Reading →

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Getting Married Today

Sergio Felix's FracOkay the big day finally came.

I’m marrying my girlfriend in a few hours today and even though I’m really excited I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m a bit nervous too.

In the past weeks I literally worked my ass off to finish my first formal training called Authority Blog Profits but I just couldn’t release it before the wedding.

When it wasn’t a script bug, it was a faulty video, then a plugin I didn’t have at the time, etc; it was just hitting a wall after another.

Since I knew in advance I wasn’t going to release it before the wedding I decided to take a break from working actively on it and focus on paying my debts and saving money for our honeymoon in the USA.  Continue Reading →

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Infinite Marketing Advice For Free?

Free Advice For Life

I’ve been sharing a lot on my Marketing With Sergio blog for about two years now.

I even shared a lot on my first blog for at least one full year.

Now that sums up three years of my life spent on giving professional advice for FREE on the internet.

I also talked about what I have learned about Internet Marketing, all my highs and lows, every single hit and miss, you have literally seen me overcome really nasty challenges too, heck… I’ve shared it ALL!

Not just writing on the blog either but also answering direct questions through email, facebook, skype, youtube, in any place that people can get a hold of me, I have answered every single question I have been asked.

I’ve even made several specific video responses… that’s how far I’m willing to go to help people out.

But…  Continue Reading →

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Give Credit Where It’s Due…

norma rickmanI know, I know…

It’s not a sexy headline but who cares?

The reality is that internet marketing is full of people who are just trying to make a buck out of you but you can also find a few hidden gems here and there if you look really hard.

Today I want to talk about my friend Norma Rickman.

Sales Copywriter

I first found out about Norma with an SEO training she created as she happens to know a LOT about it and after befriending her on FB I found out she had a wicked sense of humor as well and we had a few friends in common too.

To make a long story short, she recently helped me out create a sales page which turned out to be amazing.

So I decided to record a thank you video for her and knowing in advance she’s not comfortable on camera, I challenged her to make me a video response.

And this is what happened…  Continue Reading →

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