Learn How I Effortlessly Beat Procrastination On A Constant Basis

how to beat procrastination

Every single one of us is different. No matter if you're a dad, a son, a student, a grandma, an online entrepreneur (hint!). Fact is, we all procrastinate and we all get things done. But we like to do it our way. Hence why there's a ton of different advice on learning how to beat procrastination in the form of books, courses and even coaches because there's not a … [Read more...]

Omar Martin My Unfair Advantage Bonus

My Unfair Advantage Bonus

I've been a member for Omar Martin's My Unfair Advantage for a few years now. And I haven't found any other training that is so massively huge (without being overwhelming) so helpful and has such a big and active community around it. The training was built with Optimize Press and WishList Member and is divided into 8 main … [Read more...]

Let The Writing Begin

Writing Challenge

One "rule" of blogging is, you do not create content that is not evergreen. For some time I actually believed this. Until I realized the following: Okay, I'm documenting my life, on a blog, on the internet. Why the heck would I think the same way I did, let's say... 10 years from now? It just didn't click. So I decided to learn the rules first, to break them … [Read more...]

500 Words Writing Challenge

500 Words Writing Challenge

Hey, guess I'm back. I'm doing this writing challenge created by Jeff Goins called 500 Words Writing Challenge. The idea is that you basically need to write at least 500 words daily for 31 days. I think it's forbidden to edit (I'm assuming) and you just need to freely write instead. … [Read more...]

How To Find Your A-Game In Internet Marketing

Sergio Felix Marathon

I don't even know how to begin this how to find your A-game in internet marketing blog post but let's go straight to the point and save some digital ink. I simply stopped publishing articles on MarketingWithSergio.com Call it lack of time, getting married, getting a new full time job, etc. The result was still the same, a 100% abandoned blog. … [Read more...]