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Traveling from Madrid to Barcelona on Renfe

Traveling From Madrid To Barcelona On RenfeFirst of all, I am writing this update from a train that has already reached at least 300km per hour, that’s scary or cool as hell!

Secondly, I have been laughing my ass off because my dad complains just about everything he can.

So far, he found the given earphones to be of very low quality which I agree with.

I offered him my iPod set but he refused to use it.

He has been offered wet towels a number of times already so he’s annoyed from that too. LOL

Has been complaining and mumbling about a couple of guys that have been talking non stop on their mobile phones saying these guys brought their damn work to the train haha!

(He also travels talking non stop but he hasn’t realized that yet.)

As my dad has very high levels of stress and anxiety, he just can’t stand still either.  Continue Reading →

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Going To Real Madrid Vs. Villarreal At Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid LogoI have been traveling in Europe for around 10 days now.

So far I have visited Brighton and London in England and right now I’m currently located in Madrid, Spain at just one block from “La Gran Vía“.

In case you just stumbled into this post and don’t know who am I…

My name is Sergio Felix, I live in Mexico, I am an Internet Marketer and this is my first time overseas.

One Of My Pet Peeves…

A very bad thing that I have is this fear of recording myself on video.

Normally there are a number of reasons for being afraid to speak in front of the camera.

My excuses are that I speak very bad English but I still try my best to communicate with others.

While being on the road, I have been recording many videos with my flip cam.

Some are quick, some are lengthy ones.

On some I’ve spoken directly to the camera and on others I have just recorded what’s around me.

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Digital Nomad Out Of Bounds

Sergio Felix At Brighton Train CentralSince I’ve been on the road (Brighton, England) I have failed to take action in so many levels, at least updating this site.

Getting to England from Mexico was NOT an easy task but apart from that, trying to focus on what to write and put it here for you, has been more tough than what I thought.

I’ve never suffered from writer’s block before, actually I don’t even consider myself a writer but trying to focus on my story while being constantly asked non relevant questions is not easy either.

My dad asks non-stop questions about where we are going next, what bus to take, what train station to stop at, where, when and what should we eat, should we go and get some money from the ATM machine, etc plus add some massive amounts of jet lag to that formula and it becomes practically chaos.

That’s exactly where I’m at right now, in chaos!

I had to ask for permission to the people from the hotel to let me stay at the restaurant right now (it is currently closed) just to write this update (can’t even take a picture because I left my cameras in the room).

I’ve also found another technical issue, my ‘american electric source connector’ is NOT the same for the connections made here in England.

I kind of knew this in advance but I guess I just didn’t care at the moment.

I bought a crappy one for £5 as soon as I got here.  Continue Reading →

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Backpacking Europe

Euro Trip FlagThis is my first tour for Europe.

I’m currently living in Mexico in case you still didn’t know that.

The main city I’m heading to, is called Brighton.

According to these maps I just watched, it belongs to the UK, Great Britain and England (please correct me if I’m wrong)

I was planning to launch Marketing With Sergio with all the bells and whistles just days ago.

All out of the blue I received a one last minute invitation to go visit my sister in England and that was certainly NOT in my plans, not even for this year!

I was preparing a lot of cool things for you but instead, I have been booking reservations like crazy, checking out flights and everything at the last minute.  Continue Reading →

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Welcome To Marketing With Sergio

Sergio Felix Black and WhiteWelcome!

First of all I want to thank you a bunch for coming over and spending your precious time around the Marketing With Sergio site.

Secondly, the main purpose of this place is to share everything that I’ve learnt after ONE FULL YEAR of daily studying (AND struggling) with Internet Marketing.

What To Expect From Marketing With Sergio?

I want to give you my own personal:

  • tips
  • shortcuts
  • reviews
  • experiments
  • recommendations
  • and much more!

My Promise To You

If  you’re just starting out, then you’re exactly in the best place already!

I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made when I first started so you can reach your goals sooner.

If you want to know more about me and why am I qualified for giving this advice click on the About Sergio Felix page and I’ll gladly show you the details!


Last but not least, this site is being developed as we go.

If you’re on the fence to start your own online business, then you can watch this site start from scratch and see how I add new and relevant stuff as we roll.

Really hoping to make a difference for you and achieve massive profits!


Stay hungry. Stay foolish. ~ Steve Jobs

Your partner in success,

Sergio Felix

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