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i quit troll face

I Quit!

A few of my (non-related to Marketing) friends have been asking me where have I been or what have I been doing lately. And the answer is fairly simple, I have been working online. However, a few of my Internet Marketing friends, have also asked this same question and the answer is, I have been…

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7 Tips To Connecting The Dots

Today I want to connect a few dots for you because this is something that is driving me INSANE already. My disclaimer is that even though I know first hand I won’t stop this nonsense myself, a little contribution won’t hurt anyone and if it benefits at least ONE person, then my job has been done…

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Corbett Barr's Start a Blog that Matters

Corbett Barr’s How to Start a Blog that Matters

Corbett Barr is the author behind the newest release on blogging: How To Start a Blog That Matters In case you’re not familiar with Corbett’s prior works, he’s the creator behind, and (his personal blog). If you visit any of these sites, you will find me as a regular commenter on any…

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marc milburn

Marc Milburn’s Online Wealth Blueprint

Okay fellas, let’s start with our first Internet Marketing review for this 2012. Since I created the Marketing With Sergio blog, I have been writing about overcoming fear of recording videos Sharing some experiences about everyday life, writing reviews about the physical tools that I use and some other topics. However, the absolute MAIN reason…

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turn the page arrow

Turn The Page

Hey, glad to see you around here again! I’m really happy about all the positive feedback I received from the previous post on Digital Nomads and Minimalism I enjoyed each and every one of the comments you guys wrote for me, thank you, you guys really rock! About my DNA participation, I’d like to write a…

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