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thesis to genesis wordpress

Moving From Thesis To Genesis

There was a lot of response on the prior article on how to choose your best wordpress theme so thank you everyone for commenting and engaging on the conversation. If you want the quick answer on why I moved from Thesis to Genesis, is because I want to learn how the framework works in order to code…

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wordpress theme basics

How To Choose Your Best WordPress Theme

I have been getting this question asked a lot lately from fellow marketers, bloggers and even friends. They all have one thing in common and that is, they all are interested in creating their first website on the Internet. The easiest way to do this is using WordPress and this leads us to the following……

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Blog Revamp

Major Blog Revamp

Okay guys, I’m going to shake things a little bit around here… I had a big article to be published today but I decided to do something else instead. If you see the header image (above) you can read it says: Learning Internet Marketing Online While I AM learning Internet Marketing and I’m also willing…

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Video Marketing Camera

Basic Video Marketing Production

Okay today is Friday (did I just sound like Rebecca Black? LOL I certainly hope not!) And while I know that most of you are already shutting your computers off and are most likely going to check this update until tomorrow… I still know I promised you that I would be publishing something new today…

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Commenting Rockstar

Achieving Blog Commenting Stardom

Ok I want to thank everyone who commented on the last post about my Social Media Blackout experiment. It was really insightful to learn how you guys deal with productivity yourselves and how much stuff are you able to get done in just a few hours as long as you have the proper mindset and…

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