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Using A Second Monitor With Your Main Computer

I’m seriously considering to quit blogging for good to focus on product creation.

But today I was thinking how can I teach you about WordPress, themes and customization when I don’t have a blog?

That would be a valid point but still, for a lot of my projects I’ll be using WordPress so I still would be good in that area but honestly, I think I can still keep this blog and just update it about once a week.

That number will decrease with time to maybe once every 15 days or even once a month, I’m not sure yet.

But I promise I will share the most ridiculous amazing information EVER on the internet.

Not because I’m that good but because I believe that sharing with you an actual way to make money would be far better instead of teaching you all the small details about blogging.

With that said, I recorded a quick video yesterday and I want to show you what you can do in case you have a spare monitor and a video card with two video outputs. 

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Important Announcement

Hey everyone,

I have been considering making a few changes on the site, mostly here and there.

These are definitely going to affect the Marketing With Sergio blog.

All of this is being changed to offer you a better experience.

I’ll explain everything tomorrow and thanks for being around, you really rock!

Talk soon! ;-)


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Defining Your Price Structure For Your Offline/Online Marketing Strategy With WordPress Websites

About a week ago, I was telling you how YOU can build a 30K a month offline consulting business without having an IT degree.

We talked about:

  • general tips
  • do’s and dont’s
  • pros and cons
  • defined a three-model price structure
  • and I even asked you to let me know what you were struggling with on this area

I needed your feedback so I could answer more questions and even though we didn’t have a huge response, I think we have enough material to work out something cool anyway so I want to thank you all for that! ;-)

And last but not least, you can read the follow up post for my 30K a Month Plan, in which I show you how YOU can make $1,500 USD with WordPress consulting and I also show you a youtube video about it.

Okay that’s about it for the introduction, let’s roll our sleeves now.

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Ways To Make Money With WordPress Consulting $1500 USD Income Proof Inside

Hey there party people in da house!

I’m telling you… this internet income thing is getting real yo.

However, apathy is not going to lead us anywhere.

I asked you to leave some comments on my latest post…

You can read it here:Learn How Offline Consulting Could Easily Lead You To 30K A Month Without An IT Degree

And nobody but Patrick Griffin and Andrew Stark got interested in knowing more about making money with WordPress websites.

So instead of showing you exactly how I did it, I’ll show you my results instead.

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Share A Sale Affiliate Network And First Check Odissey

Important instructions for reading this post…

1. I really wanted to name this article like this:

Why You Should Join The Share A Sale Affiliate Network If You’re Serious About WordPress.

But the reality is that I spent all my day trying to cash a ShareASale check and it wasn’t pretty. (I ended up soaked in sweat even though I had a cold shower before going outside)

So I’m leaving that boring headline Share A Sale Affiliate Network And First Check Odissey instead which sounds more like what happened and…

2. I’ll be as brief as possible as an attention span experiment for you. (and because it makes me feel smart to say random stuff like that)

In fact, I’m going to start with the best part and finish with the boring part and see what happens.

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