Using A Second Monitor With Your Main Computer

using two monitors

I'm seriously considering to quit blogging for good to focus on product creation. But today I was thinking how can I teach you about WordPress, themes and customization when I don't have a blog? That would be a valid point but still, for a lot of my projects I'll be using WordPress so I still would be good in that area but honestly, I think I can still keep this blog and … [Read more...]

Important Announcement

important announcement

Hey everyone, I have been considering making a few changes on the site, mostly here and there. These are definitely going to affect the Marketing With Sergio blog. All of this is being changed to offer you a better experience. I'll explain everything tomorrow and thanks for being around, you really rock! Talk soon! ;-) Sergio … [Read more...]

Defining Your Price Structure For Your Offline/Online Marketing Strategy With WordPress Websites

price structure for wordpress offline consulting

About a week ago, I was telling you how YOU can build a 30K a month offline consulting business without having an IT degree. We talked about: general tips do's and dont's pros and cons defined a three-model price structure and I even asked you to let me know what you were struggling with on this area I needed your feedback so I could answer more questions and … [Read more...]