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product creation effectiveness

Product Creation Effectiveness

Hey my friend, I don’t have much for you today apart from this video I just recorded. I was checking out the dates of the first files I created for a product I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I can’t believe it has been MONTHS since I first got started with it.…

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marketing coaches magical bullets

Marketing Coaches or Magic Bullets?

So what are you catching up with? Marketing coaches or magic bullets… This is an open question to whoever wants to answer it. What’s the “success formula” for Internet Marketing??? A Warrior Special Offer (WSO) so you can get some really FAST money? I know it happens and it’s doable.

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commentluv premium

CommentLuv Premium Anniversary Dimesale

Today is the 1st Anniversary of the CommentLuv Premium wordpress plugin. Why should you care? Well, simply because it’s one of the best tools out there to prevent SPAM on wordpress blogs. And second of all… Well I can’t just give you a second reason because there are a few strong reasons why this is…

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leadership beyond the quotes

Leadership Beyond The Quotes

Ahhh… Leadership Beyond The Quotes finally, the sequel is in my hands! Before telling you what this is about, I want to tell you a very quick story (don’t worry, it’s brief and highly related). I don’t know why but it seems like every single time I’m about to start creating my first product, something shady…

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youtube marketing challenge

5 Minute Youtube Marketing Challenge

Okay I have a fun youtube marketing challenge for you today. This is a competition brought to you by Tyrone Shum. He happens to be a very knowledgeable guy in both video marketing and the outsourcing area as well. But as this article is all about video marketing with Youtube let’s just focus on that…

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