Monthly Archives: September 2012

my first video interview

My First Marketing Interview

Okay this is not my first marketing review per se… I have done interviews in the past, well only once to be more accurate. I still remember how much I would freak out by the mere concept of having to record a video and on the same week I started doing my first videos I…

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youtube vlogging

Easy Actionable YouTube Vlogging Ideas For Marketers

Well first things first, let’s define what the heck is a vlog. A vlog is the shortened version for “video blog.” And a video blog is nothing else than a blog that delivers the content strictly on video. Easy peasy right? Let’s get on with the actual content for this quick post.

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the power of simplicity

The Power Of Simplicity

I’ve just read the whole Steve Job’s biography and wow, that man surely was something! In the hundreds of written reviews from that book, you’ll see all kind of remarks going from crazy to genius. In my book that’s okay because he WAS a little bit crazy but geniuses are not regular people. They are…

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keeping yourself accountable

Keeping Yourself Accountable

I shouldn’t even be releasing this blog post but you know what, it’s honestly very important for both of us and yes, I mean you and me. We need to keep ourselves accountable right NOW. I have been in product creation mode for a few days and I have discovered plenty of things that went…

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