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authority blog profits

Authority Blog Profits: Behind The Scenes

Not long ago I spoke to a very good marketing friend of mine who happens to know what clicks when you are about to release an information product. He has worked with Frank Kern before and he dropped a lot of wisdom bombs on me that day. To make a long story short, I told…

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sergio felix on domain names

Importance Of Having Your Own Domain Name

Hey what’s up? I shouldn’t even be posting updates right now (I’m in the middle of writing sales copy) but man, I’m so happy I just had to do it. But I will make this update very short too, I promise. It’s basically aimed at people that do not own their own domain name. First…

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it's not you it's me

It’s Not You, It’s Me

If you have a blog (of any kind) you need to read this. And I’m really serious about it. When I say it’s not you, it’s me what I really mean is, it’s not about YOU, it’s about ME (your reader). There’s a big chance you still don’t understand me so let me elaborate… Engaging…

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Going All In

Going All In And A Look To The Past

It’s been three weeks since I last posted on the Marketing With Sergio blog and there’s a huge reason for that… Actually it’s several reasons but let’s focus on what matters for now and that is building an online business. You see, a blog will always be a blog and it doesn’t necessarily means that it’s…

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dean holland quick start challenge week two

Dean Holland’s QSC Week 2 + Blogging Tips

For anyone coming back to the site and not knowing what I have been doing lately, I am basically working on three things. These include: Creating my first full blown information product on blogging Building wordpress sites for offline clients Participating on Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge (review) Well as you may know by now, I…

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