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Two Week Honeymoon In The USA

Oh man, it’s good to be back! We got back in the earlier days of December 2013 from our two week honeymoon in the USA and I couldn’t be any more happier about finally getting back to work. I wanted to tell you every single thing about the trip but it would be more than…

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Becoming a Guinea Pig

Why I’m Becoming A Guinea Pig

I’m becoming a guinea pig! I know, I know… I have really bad headlines for my articles but hey, if you’re interested in my stuff you are still going to come and check out what’s new right? So allow me to say what the heck do I mean by why I’m becoming a guinea pig next. I’ve…

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At the Vegas Strip

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Ever heard this saying before? “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” Well I have and it’s not necessarily true since I got engaged in Las Vegas and now that I’m back in Mexico I remain engaged… wtf! Apparently that would be a bad thing but on this occasion I think it’s fantastic. So let’s roll up…

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off for a week

Off For A Week!

Okay, this is the shortest post you’ll ever see here. I have about half an hour to go pick up my girlfriend. Even though we leave at 7:45 pm (it’s currently 4:31 pm) I don’t like to be running around to catch buses or planes when I’m traveling. So… as I don’t have any time…

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Going to Aria at Las Vegas

Las Vegas And What The Heck Have I Been Doing Lately

I’m finally going to Las Vegas! This is happening on this very same weekend and if you think I have enough time to write this update, you’re definitely wrong. Time is the last thing I have so I created a video and just spoke away all that I have been doing in the past days.…

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