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Always Be Creating

Just like I said on my previous post: Being Consistent And Never Looking Down On Yourself I have decided to start publishing new content more regularly on Tuesdays.

The main reason is so you know when to visit the blog although I may also post stuff in between Tuesdays.

It was incredibly difficult for me to get this article published early so that’s why I’m publishing late at night (it’s still Tuesday though).

Anyway enough of explanations, what do I actually mean by always be creating?

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How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed With Your To-Do Lists

Hey what’s up my friend?

On my latest post I was talking about How To Get It Done in the sense of making things happen.

You know what I’m talking about right…?

Avoiding procrastination!

The first quarter of the year is already long gone but I did manage to do a few interesting things anyway though:

  • I was interviewed by the Aweber team (I wrote about it here).
  • And a few days ago I was interviewed by the team as well (they even featured me on their site).

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How To Get It Done

This article is all about getting *it* done.

But what is “it”?

Well, whatever needs to get done in order to make actual progress.

Here is the deal… we all have to-do lists.

And we all have fears to overcome.

If you are reading this and you have a specific task (or set of tasks) that need to get done and you keep dragging them day after day, then you clearly have a procrastination problem.

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Productivity Hack: The Lockdown Method

Okay guys, today’s post is going to be a little bit different to what you’re used to see on the blog.

I have an amazing productivity hack I learned from Kris Mainieri and I want to share it with you here.

But instead of writing about it, I thought about doing a video testimonial for Kris since he has personally helped me overcome a lot of barriers I had when I was getting started and struggling online and he stills contributes by providing great value to my Internet Marketing career.

His advice on important decisions has been key but most important of all, his friendship and support are literally endless and for that, I feel really blessed.

So without any further ado, here you go.

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Running A Half Marathon In Just Four Weeks

The past weeks have been enlightening to say the least and here’s a quick recap of what I have been doing…

I finished a training from David Walker’s called 30 Day Marketer.

It literally changed my overall perception of marketing blogs for good and I’m really grateful to have been part of that first generation as well.

You’ll see the changes around here very soon.

I also finished reading Tim Ferriss’ book, the famous Four Hour Work Week.

Even though I disagree with many aspects on the book, I also learned a ton of new things and I highly recommend you read it as long as you don’t consider it to be some kind of THE marketing Bible because it’s definitely not that.

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Keeping Yourself Accountable

I shouldn’t even be releasing this blog post but you know what, it’s honestly very important for both of us and yes, I mean you and me.

We need to keep ourselves accountable right NOW.

I have been in product creation mode for a few days and I have discovered plenty of things that went under planned.

I did use a huge mind map to create my product but guess what?

As soon as I was recording slides and the how-to’s, I was getting new ideas that were completely in tune with the training so I had to include them.

This of course, resulted in a much bigger course than I have thought in the first place and now I’m not seeing when this is going to end.

But fear not.

I’m still repeating myself not to include stuff that is not related to what I’m trying to teach and while yes, the training is getting a bit more extensive but I want to deliver a very cool and complete training so I’m OK with that.

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Product Creation Effectiveness

Hey my friend, I don’t have much for you today apart from this video I just recorded.

I was checking out the dates of the first files I created for a product I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I can’t believe it has been MONTHS since I first got started with it.

Another friend of mine Dan Sumner has created at least one full blown product in this time and is about to release a second product and is currently working on some other alternate projects.

This just shows that being effective at product creation is also something we all should aim for.

And this is the summary of what I did before and what I’m currently doing right now.

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