Testing Out Easy Video Suite

Easy Video Suite

Okay this article is about my first testing with Easy Video Suite. It's pretty straight forward though, I need to start uploading my videos to my Wordpress training ASAP and I have been procrastinating on this for a while now. So one of the things I had to do to make this work was to install a Wordpress plugin and add this video here: … [Read more...]

Build A Computer From Scratch

Black Gaming ATX Monster Tower

I decided to write a follow up post about the new computer. This is mainly because you guys got interested in knowing some extra things about it and I didn't want to ruin the last post by modifying it that much. So here's a little mention love: Patrick Griffin told me on twitter that he wanted to know all the gory details of the geeky stuff involved with the new … [Read more...]

New Custom Built PC

Sergio Felix's Computer

I finally did it. I just finished building the new computer. It is not a super computer but O.M.G. this PC could practically fly if it had wings. Well... maybe not but still, is a pretty darn good computer. And the best of all, is that I feel so happy that I can only laugh (in joy) at my situation right now but it wasn't like that a few days ago. … [Read more...]