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video branding 101

Video Branding 101

Hey guys and girls! Since apparently no other marketers work on Sunday I thought about recording a video today just for you. It’s on branding with video and you definitely need to watch the video down below because it has a ton of value. If you have never done a video before, just take a…

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How To Achieve The Know, Like and Trust Factor

How To Achieve The “Know, Like & Trust” Factor Almost Instantly With Video

So… making money online what’s the secret? A better question would be… What does an Internet Marketing expert does different than an average marketing Joe who no matter how hard he tries, he still can’t figure out how to make a single dollar online? I believe it has to do a lot with several factors.

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youtube vlogging

Easy Actionable YouTube Vlogging Ideas For Marketers

Well first things first, let’s define what the heck is a vlog. A vlog is the shortened version for “video blog.” And a video blog is nothing else than a blog that delivers the content strictly on video. Easy peasy right? Let’s get on with the actual content for this quick post.

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youtube marketing challenge

5 Minute Youtube Marketing Challenge

Okay I have a fun youtube marketing challenge for you today. This is a competition brought to you by Tyrone Shum. He happens to be a very knowledgeable guy in both video marketing and the outsourcing area as well. But as this article is all about video marketing with Youtube let’s just focus on that…

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Video Marketing Camera

Basic Video Marketing Production

Okay today is Friday (did I just sound like Rebecca Black? LOL I certainly hope not!) And while I know that most of you are already shutting your computers off and are most likely going to check this update until tomorrow… I still know I promised you that I would be publishing something new today…

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