Getting Married Today

Sergio Felix's FracOkay the big day finally came.

I’m marrying my girlfriend in a few hours today and even though I’m really excited I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m a bit nervous too.

In the past weeks I literally worked my ass off to finish my first formal training called Authority Blog Profits but I just couldn’t release it before the wedding.

When it wasn’t a script bug, it was a faulty video, then a plugin I didn’t have at the time, etc; it was just hitting a wall after another.

Since I knew in advance I wasn’t going to release it before the wedding I decided to take a break from working actively on it and focus on paying my debts and saving money for our honeymoon in the USA.  Continue Reading →

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Infinite Marketing Advice For Free?

Free Advice For Life

I’ve been sharing a lot on my Marketing With Sergio blog for about two years now.

I even shared a lot on my first blog for at least one full year.

Now that sums up three years of my life spent on giving professional advice for FREE on the internet.

I also talked about what I have learned about Internet Marketing, all my highs and lows, every single hit and miss, you have literally seen me overcome really nasty challenges too, heck… I’ve shared it ALL!

Not just writing on the blog either but also answering direct questions through email, facebook, skype, youtube, in any place that people can get a hold of me, I have answered every single question I have been asked.

I’ve even made several specific video responses… that’s how far I’m willing to go to help people out.

But…  Continue Reading →

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Give Credit Where It’s Due…

norma rickmanI know, I know…

It’s not a sexy headline but who cares?

The reality is that internet marketing is full of people who are just trying to make a buck out of you but you can also find a few hidden gems here and there if you look really hard.

Today I want to talk about my friend Norma Rickman.

Sales Copywriter

I first found out about Norma with an SEO training she created as she happens to know a LOT about it and after befriending her on FB I found out she had a wicked sense of humor as well and we had a few friends in common too.

To make a long story short, she recently helped me out create a sales page which turned out to be amazing.

So I decided to record a thank you video for her and knowing in advance she’s not comfortable on camera, I challenged her to make me a video response.

And this is what happened…  Continue Reading →

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Professional Web Services

professional web servicesYo what’s up!

I’m literally crossing out the days left to my wedding on my calendar and I have exactly 30 days left for my wedding so man, am I nervous or what?

You know I normally don’t trade my time for money…

Much less offer ridiculous low amounts to get you on board but since it’s my wedding I want to actually offer you some insane deals!

Professional Services

The services page is here:

Some of the stuff I’m willing to do for you:

  • Skype consulting calls
  • WordPress installations + premium themes
  • Website video critiques
  • Written Product Reviews
  • Video Product Reviews
  • Product Covers

If you need to get in touch with me before actually paying for any of my services you can find me here:

Skype: ITSergioFelix Continue Reading →

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Habit Creation Reality

habit creation realityHey guys or girls…

I don’t even know who is still reading this blog but if you are reading here, then thanks!

This blog post is actually pretty short because I just made a long video on the subject so I just want to keep things balanced.

It’s on habit creation.

Either creating good habits or getting rid of bad habits.

Whether you have tried any of this in the past (I bet you did) you should know you can’t do this kind of stuff flickering off a button.

It does takes time and dedication.

You actually TEACH yourself how to do grow out of it or into it (depending on your goal).

It’s a habit after all so it’s a gradual thing you either grow into it or get detached from it WITH baby stepsContinue Reading →

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My WordPress Training Progress

Wordpress in progressHey what’s up my friend?

I’ve been asked several times from other friends and bloggers what’s the current situation of my upcoming WordPress training so I thought out of writing this article instead of answering everyone the same thing on different channels.

You finally finish your training and then what?

Well, that simplistic sounding “then what” happens to be a LOT of stuff and since I don’t want to take much of your time, I’ll just briefly mention what still needs to be done.  Continue Reading →

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What To Do When The Shit Hits The Fan?

Sergio Felix PushupsIMPROVISE! Haha

Okay, what a title right? But aside from joking somebody has to say it.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, I have written about it many times before and I want to elaborate a little bit on the subject today… again.

Some marketers will tell you affiliate marketing is the easiest way to profit online and it’s kind of right.

You don’t have to deal with angry customers, helpdesks, updates, refunds, anything.

Just recommend a product and if people buy it, you collect your share and that’s it, easy peasy right?

What Happens When Your Audience Is Not A Newbie Anymore?

The thing is, what happens when your audience is knowledgeable enough that they no longer need your affiliated recommendations anymore?  Continue Reading →

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Why I’m Becoming A Guinea Pig

Becoming a Guinea PigI’m becoming my own guinea pig!

I know, I know… I have really bad headlines for my articles but hey, if you’re interested in my stuff you are still going to come and check out what’s new right?

So allow me to say what the heck do I mean by why I’m becoming a guinea pig next.

I’ve said this dozens of times before…

You can’t teach something you do not know how to do yourself first and for all those blind people leading the blind out there, this includes making money online.

To make money online there’s a ton of different assets you will need to have in place and I’m not talking about assets in the form of:

  • websites
  • software
  • products
  • money
  • time
  • etc

Not any of the above, I’m talking about Continue Reading →

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Second Half of the Year Day: 2013

2013 half of the yearWe just reached July 1st, 2013.

That only means we only have six months left to do whatever we said we were going to do in 2013.

I have so many things to share but I’ll just mention the most important bits: I learned a lot of things on this first half, unlearned some others and if I could summarize the first half of 2013, I would say it has been quite an eye opener.

I’ve learned how to identify when I’m just messing around and when I’m actually doing real work, that getting uncomfortable is not recommended but needed in order to keep growing and like Chicharito (Javier Hernández, Manchester United professional football player) says in one of his latest tv ads:

“You have the “NO” guaranteed either if you try or not but if you do try, you have a lot to gain”

Explanation: He says that because he didn’t start one single professional football game until he was 21 years old, took him about 4-5 years to start his first game. So no matter how much you wish or desire something, if you don’t want it bad enough and act upon it, it just won’t happen. Continue Reading →

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