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Sergio Felix Marketing That Works!I have a great free offer for you today!

Since my latest post on deleting my whole list of subscribers I have focused all my efforts on one single thing only and that is being as productive as I possibly can.

Not the kind of let’s do a huge to-do list and throw in there everything like taking out the trash, doing the dishes, taking a bath in the morning, blah, blah, blah, BOOOOORING!

People do this kind of thing just to feel productive while all they are doing is cheating themselves and messing around to not get the job done!

No, no, no… I mean like really, REALLY working, making progress and finally doing the things that matter and I’m telling you, it hasn’t been easy.

It has been a lot of fun to create this, a little bit of stress here and there (no need to sugar coat anything) but FUN and eye opening too. Gosh I wish I did this a lot of time before but oh well, I’ve done it now which is what counts. Continue Reading →

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Why I Am Deleting My Whole Subscriber’s List

deleting my list of subscribersSay whaaat?

Isn’t the money in the list?

Well yes and no…

You see, the money is actually in the relationship you have with those people in your list.

You can have a huge list of subscribers and still make zero money from it and you can have just a couple of hundreds and you can make thousands out of that…

If and only if, you have a great relationship with them.

What My Problem Was

I started building my list without giving anything in return (no freebies) apart from my blog updates.

The idea behind this was that I didn’t want to create a list of freebie seekers.

This is what happens when you try to reinvent the wheel… You either hit it big or flop miserably.

And I did the latter.

I thought that my advice was solid and strong enough that there was no need to entice people with something as a freebie to sign up and receive my updates and recommendations.

Big mistake.

Believe it or not, people did sign up to get my tips and updates receiving nothing else in return.

I may have not built a list of freebie seekers but I did create a highly unresponsive list of people instead.

You see, I had no relationship with my list anymore.  Continue Reading →

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Need vs Want: Invest Wisely On Your Online Business

Need vs Want: Invest Wisely On Your Online BusinessHey there my friend… It’s new post time!

Last week we were talking about how to achieve the “know, like and trust factor” almost instantly with the power of video.

On today’s post we are going to talk about investing wisely in your online business.

I’ll get straight to the point here since I have talked about this topic a number of times already.

There’s a lot of controversy on how much money you need to start an online business and the only answer I have for that is…

It depends.

Getting Started Online

A self hosted blog can cost you about $10 a month, including domain name registration and your first month with hostgator.

Your second month would be cheaper since you wouldn’t have to pay for the domain name (until next year) and you would only pay about $8 USD for your monthly hosting account.

Then you would need an autoresponder service for building your list and that would cost you about $19 a month for an approximate total of $27 a month.

You will later find out you even need more services to get started and as you can see, this can scale up quickly and that’s why it is so important to invest wisely right from the start.  Continue Reading →

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How To Achieve The “Know, Like & Trust” Factor Almost Instantly With Video

How To Achieve The Know, Like and Trust FactorSo… making money online what’s the secret?

A better question would be…

What does an Internet Marketing expert does different than an average marketing Joe who no matter how hard he tries, he still can’t figure out how to make a single dollar online?

I believe it has to do a lot with several factors.

And just to name a few:

  • Knowledge
  • Mindset
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Planning
  • Perseverance
  • Trust
  • Hard work
  • The Right Audience
  • Etc…

This list can practically go on and on but let’s not over complicate stuff.

Let’s keep it simple…  Continue Reading →

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When Things Don’t Go As Planned…

When things don't go as plannedDid I tell you I was going to start recording a lot more videos?

Oh yes I did, you can read that latest post here how to keep yourself accountable with social media

I even made it easy to subscribe to my YouTube Channel there, you just need to push a button, see? I think about you!

Anyway, today’s a quick update about what you can do when things don’t go as planned.

Started Jogging

In case you’re not aware I started jogging this past Monday, so today it was four days in a row waking up at 5:50am (talk about developing a great habit!) and going for an early run to get all the creativity juices going and getting a healthier body as well.

Two birds, one stone right?

And fair enough, everything was working wonderful today until I hit the 20 minute mark or so, I felt something weird in my foot sole, well it was excruciating PAIN to say it in fewer words.

I felt a little bit uncomfortable yesterday and I was doubftul about running today but since I actually woke up with a very good humor and the day was awesome, I thought why not?

I’ve been running for three straight days, maybe a light jog will do… Continue Reading →

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How To Keep Yourself Accountable With Social Media

socialmediasergiofelixHey what’s up guys?

Just made it back from running and I have something great to share with you.

I know I just published a new post just a few hours ago (always be creating must read!)

But since I think this is something important, I don’t really want to wait a week to let you know about it.

Dr. Feelgood

Ahh, remember that song? *headbangs a little bit* I used to love it too!

Anyway, I’ve always said that for anyone to be able to be able to excel in your work, your personal relationships and other aspects of life, you have to feel good first (just like that “Dr. Feelgood” Mötley Crüe song)

We as online entrepreneurs often forget about taking care of ourselves and we normally let go more usual than we should.  Continue Reading →

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Always Be Creating

Always Be CreatingHey what’s up guys!

Just like I said on my previous post (Being Consistent And Never Looking Down On Yourself) I have decided to start publishing new content regularly on Tuesdays.

The main reason is so you know when to visit the blog although I may also post stuff in between Tuesdays.

It was incredibly difficult for me to get this article published early so that’s why I’m publishing late at night (it’s still Tuesday though).

Anyway enough of explanations, what do I actually mean by always be creating?

Always Be Creating (ABC)

I can’t really remember where I got this from but the idea is that no matter what you do every day, you always be creating.

Sounds really basic yet many of us won’t (or can’t) follow this simple rule.

And the reason for this is that computers aren’t what they used to be back in the day.

Allow me to explain this a little better…  Continue Reading →

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Being Consistent And Never Looking Down On Yourself

Joey KissimmeeA few days ago I talked with a friend of mine Joey Kissimmee from

We talked for at least an hour on Skype and I got a ton of tips and advice about things I was doing wrong with my own website.

I thought I was doing kind of good but as soon as we started talking I realized there were other aspects of my marketing efforts that needed attention as well.

If you are reading this, a big massive thank you Joey, you helped me a TON man!  Continue Reading →

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Importance Of Having Your Own Domain Name

sergio felix on domain namesHey what’s up?

I shouldn’t even be posting updates right now (I’m in the middle of writing my sales copy) but man, I’m so happy I just had to do it.

But I will make this update very short too, I pinky promise!

It’s basically aimed at people that do not own their own domain name.

First of all, I don’t care what your reason excuse for not having your domain is, you NEED to have your own domain name ASAP.

In case you were wondering, I do own and actually many more so don’t even think of pointing fingers at me!  Continue Reading →

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High On Coffee And Heatmaps, What’s The Connection?

sergio felix high on coffeeHey my friend,

This is a very video-ish update because it has not one but two videos!

On the first video I’m trying to show you a really cool video service that is FREE to use and that if used wisely, can give you a lot of clout with your audience.

On the second video, I am showing you a FREE time-limited offer for creating your first heatmap.

But before we dive any further, let me tell you how I nearly killed myself yesterday.  Continue Reading →

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