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Build A Computer From Scratch

Sergio Felix Modded ComputerI decided to write a follow up post about the new computer.

This is mainly because you guys got interested in knowing some extra things about it and I didn’t want to ruin the last post by modifying it that much.

So here’s a little mention love:

Patrick Griffin told me on twitter that he wanted to know all the gory details of the geeky stuff involved with the new computer.

Justin Ledvina wanted to know how much did it actually cost to build this computer.

Linda Bond got interested in knowing more about the video camera and the new computer’s price.

And last but not least important…

Daniel Sumner who suggested a testing experiment to see the performance of the new system by running a few programs simultaneously.

So without any futher ado, let’s jump right to it.  Continue Reading →

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New Custom Built PC

Sergio Felix's ComputerI finally did it.

I just finished building the new computer.

It is not a super computer but O.M.G. this PC could practically fly if it had wings.

Well… maybe not but still, is a pretty darn good computer.

And the best of all, is that I feel so happy that I can only laugh (in joy) at my situation right now but it wasn’t like that a few days ago…

The Computer Problem

There is always a time when you can only work as fast as your computer allows you to.

You open an application or save a project, even render a video production, all regular tasks for an Internet Marketer right?

Well if you have to wait for insane amounts of time for each of these common tasks to complete, then you can be potentially missing out a lot on your creativity/productivity times.

You may be even losing a bit more than just great ideas in the process.

All because of a slow computer.

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