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Digital Nomads and Minimalism

Digital Nomads and MinimalismWhew, 2011 is gone at last.

I finally made it back home from my quick getaway to Mazatlan, Mexico and have all my batteries recharged for 2012.

Like I was mentioning in the past article Quick Tip to Keep Being Productive and Creative having these away moments from the routine, can help improving our creativity and the possibility to learn and try new things easier.

Here is a recap of what I did and learnt on this latest trip.

What is a Digital Nomad

Basically what this means is that you can be location independent or in other words, work from wherever you want.

Checking my inbox on a very early day while being in the middle of my vacation in Mazatlan, I noticed an e-mail from Thrilling Heroics.

Digital Nomad Academy Scholarship

digital nomad academy logo

It cointained information on getting a scholarship at Digital Nomad Academy valued at USD $1,500 and even though I literally had nothing but my Macbook and a Flipcam with me, I decided to give it a go and find out more about the offer.  Continue Reading →

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Quick Tip to Keep Being Productive and Creative

Hey what’s up?

One thing I was concerned with when I first got started writing (blogging) was how to keep myself being creative.

I recorded this quick video today just to show you how I maintain creativity right in place, hope you like it.

Taking Breaks To Be More Productive

Thanks for watching and talk soon!


PS. I’m on the road and on vacations right now, I know you’re used to long posts here so I hope the video was good enough for you!

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What I Learnt From My Trip To Mazatlan

Contact Ultra

Hello everyone, on this article I want to share a couple of things I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan last weekend.

In case you’re wondering why are you looking at some red package that looks like a condom on the left…

Let me tell you that those are the pills I have been taking these last days because I’m ill as hell right now.

I got back to Culiacan on Sunday but got MAD sick on Monday and on Tuesday and Wednesday I could barely breathe, couldn’t even talk at all.

I kept opening new Chrome tabs and forgetting why I opened them up in the first place, it was highly frustrating.

First thing I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan

You NEVER go into a jacuzzi in the open at 1:00 a.m. after a hard party (despite my age, I still do fun dumb things sometimes).

It was cold, windy and we were having some cold beers there.

So I ended up getting an insane cold from that not so brilliant idea, I’m barely feeling better today!

Second thing I learnt from my trip to Mazatlan

This one has to do with content creation and traffic building so let me explain this briefly to you.

I took my regular electronic gadgets with me, which included a flipcam, a digital camera and a kindle reading deviceContinue Reading →

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Going To Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan SeashoreQuick geographic and/or tourist mexican lesson for you guys!

I live in Culiacan, Sinaloa Mexico.

Culiacan is the capital city of Sinaloa and Mazatlan is a touristic city on Sinaloa as well.

And well I’m going to a quick mini trip vacation in Mazatlan for the weekend and I won’t be around until next Monday.

This is happening in two hours and I still haven’t even packed my things.

I’m NOT taking my laptop with me since I don’t intend to record any training videos while having a few coronas!

But I am taking a digital camera, a flipcam and a few other things in case I need to record something for you over there.

…see? I think about you! ;-)

Mazatlan is a quick two hour drive by car and a three long boring hour drive by bus from the city I currently live in, which as I told you before, is Culiacan.

We used to go there a lot before but somehow we just stopped going.

I believe sometimes the violence is pretty high but whenever we go, we normally try not stay too late on the streets, basically we go out for a bite at some restaurant, party for a while, then get some extra beers and head up for our hotel room and that’s it, at least for the night.

So we pretty much take care of ourselves as we can!  Continue Reading →

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