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las vegas offline marketing project

Project: Las Vegas

It’s finally Monday and that only means one thing… time to HUSTLE! This time I want to present something that I think it may (or may not) drag your attention and it’s strictly about offline marketing. If you’re not into offline marketing, you can still pick a tip or two from the article. So let’s dive…

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written contract

Importance Of Written Contracts, Terms Of Service And Good Communication

I’m not sure if a written contract is the equivalent to terms of service but I’m sure of one thing though… If you’re going to do ANY kind of work for someone (online or offline) please DO PROTECT YOURSELF using a written contract and add a disclosure for terms of service. For each and every…

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price structure for wordpress offline consulting

Defining Your Price Structure For Your Offline/Online Marketing Strategy With WordPress Websites

About a week ago, I was telling you how YOU can build a 30K a month offline consulting business without having an IT degree. We talked about: general tips do’s and dont’s pros and cons defined a three-model price structure and I even asked you to let me know what you were struggling with on…

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offline business

Working With My First Offline Client

Hey there, Have you heard how popular is working with offline clients getting for Internet Marketers lately? I think the main reason for this, is because the online market has been getting over saturated with more and more information about the same exact topics. Like many others, I also had the same excuses for not…

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