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Marc Milburn’s Online Wealth Blueprint

online wealth blueprint reviewOkay fellas, let’s start with our first Internet Marketing review for this 2012.

Since I created the Marketing With Sergio blog, I have been writing about overcoming fear of recording videos

Sharing some experiences about everyday life, writing reviews about the physical tools that I use and some other topics.

However, the absolute MAIN reason behind this blog is to learn how to make money online and to share that knowledge with YOU, right here.

Now with that out of the way, the training I’m currently enrolled in, is called the Online Wealth Blueprint and inside are the exact steps I’m taking towards becoming a successful Internet Marketer on this very 2012.

Meet the Online Wealth Blueprint Creator

Marc Milburn is our guy.

In case you don’t know who Marc Milburn is,  he’s a very successful Internet Marketer from the UK and has recently released the Online Wealth Blueprint Coaching Course to his list.

I got on Marc’s list after buying Fast Profits Formula and fell in love with his way of teaching and explaining things.

As I write this post, not much is known about the Online Wealth Blueprint course (yet) since Marc hasn’t really used any campaigns to promote it yet.

I got lucky enough to be on a recent webinar along with James Francis and Marc Milburn, where I heard all the details about the training and as part of my own commitment to succeed on 2012, I decided to invest on my self education and bought my entrance ticket.  Continue Reading →

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