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How To Organize Yourself Like a Pro With Less Than $5 Bucks

How To Organize Yourself With A Monthly PlannerIt’s finally Monday again (I love starting the week!)

And here I am as always, trying to improve my productivity and keep myself organized.

A few days ago I was talking about how to organize your gmail inbox using gmail labels and gmail filters.

Well I just ‘discovered’ a new item that is going to help me quite a LOT to keep me even more organized now.

The Monthly Planner

The reality is that I needed to buy some double layer DVDs.

And yesterday after some roaming around the local office store, I found some incredible whiteboards.

Magnetized, non-magnetized, black boards, fluorescent boards, digital boards, I was in whiteboard heaven.

I did not go crazy though and decided to bring home one tiny 30x40cm whiteboard (monthly planner) with me.

A Few Ideas For A Monthly Planner

From the top of my head, you can use this for:

  • Important Webinars
  • Skype Interviews
  • Business Chat Meetings
  • Blog Schedule Posting
  • Product Launches
  • Product Development
  • Book Creation
  • Software Projects
  • Etc

Really, you can do just about anything as long as you consider the size of your whiteboard.  Continue Reading →

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