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Getting Married Today

Okay the big day finally came. I’m marrying my girlfriend in a few hours today and even though I’m really excited I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m a bit nervous too. In the past weeks I literally worked my ass off to finish my first formal training called Authority Blog Profits but…

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Amazing Location-Independent Business Owners

Digital Nomads and Minimalism

Whew, 2011 is gone at last. I finally made it back home from my quick getaway to Mazatlan, Mexico and have all my batteries recharged for 2012. Like I was mentioning in the past article Quick Tip to Keep Being Productive and Creative having these away moments from the routine, can help improving our creativity and the…

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Real Madrid Logo

Going To Real Madrid Vs. Villarreal At Santiago Bernabeu

I have been traveling in Europe for around 10 days now. So far I have visited Brighton and London in England and right now I’m currently located in Madrid, Spain at just one block from “La Gran Vía“. In case you just stumbled into this post and don’t know who am I… My name is…

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Sergio Felix At Brighton Train Central

Digital Nomad Out Of Bounds

Since I’ve been on the road (Brighton, England) I have failed to take action in so many levels, at least updating this site. Getting to England from Mexico was NOT an easy task but apart from that, trying to focus on what to write and put it here for you, has been more tough than what I…

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