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Authority Blog Profits

Authority Blog Profits Going Up In Price

Well, it finally happened… It’s been two and a half weeks since I “soft launched” my premium WordPress training called Authority Blog Profits and it’s been nothing but an adrenaline rush so far! It wasn’t easy to put this out there since I struggled with a lot of different things but I’m happy that it’s live, still bringing…

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Wordpress in progress

My WordPress Training Progress

Hey what’s up my friend? I’ve been asked several times from other friends and bloggers what’s the current situation of my upcoming WordPress training so I thought out of writing this article instead of answering everyone the same thing on different channels. You finally finish your training and then what? Well, that simplistic sounding “then…

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sergio felix half marathon culiacan

Running A Half Marathon In Just Four Weeks

The past weeks have been enlightening to say the least and here’s a quick recap of what I have been doing… I finished a training from David Walker’s called 30 Day Marketer. It literally changed my overall perception of marketing blogs for good and I’m really grateful to have been part of that first generation…

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wordpress installation using fantastico deluxe

How To Install WordPress Using Fantastico In cPanel

Learning how to install a wordpress blog is so easy that even my mom could do it. Well maybe not my mom (she just knows how to use e-mail so far) but yeah, almost anybody! But before we go any further… You need to understand a few concepts like cPanel, one-click installation scripts and of…

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7 Tips To Connecting The Dots

Today I want to connect a few dots for you because this is something that is driving me INSANE already. My disclaimer is that even though I know first hand I won’t stop this nonsense myself, a little contribution won’t hurt anyone and if it benefits at least ONE person, then my job has been done…

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